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LS Creative Studio

Screen Print, DTF transfer, Printing over 100 items License - LIFETIME ACCESS

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This listing is for a LIFETIME ACCESS LICENSE to screenprint, print DTF transfers, and to use one specific design for over 100 uses. (i.e. printing over 100 tees with any one design for your small business.)

You will not receive anything after purchasing this listing; what is sent to you is a copy of the listing graphic you see. This is so that you are immediately covered at the time of purchase.

Only license holders (i.e., the person/business who purchased this license) are given permission to use my designs on their finished products. This license cannot be shared, gifted, or transferred at any point in time.

Purchasing this license DOES NOT MEAN you own the design, it simply means you have my permission to use this design in the manner described above.

Purchasing this license DOES NOT MEAN you can alter, copy the design to make a "new" design, resell this design as your own, or claim the design as your own.

Purchasing this license DOES NOT MEAN you can use this design as/in a logo, or give to a third-party printer. (In-house printing, only.)

This design is not to be shared, given away, gifted, or added to "dump" groups.

Personal and small business use is covered by this license.

All artwork (designs) are owned by LS Creative Studio. All artwork (designs) was created by Lori, owner of LS Creative Studio. 

Please do not claim my designs as your own. In your listings that use my designs, please add that LS Creative Studio is the original owner/design of said design.

Failure to comply with the above will involve revocation of this license; a ban from future purchases; and legal action.

 This license is only valid on LS Creative Studio products.